40 things I believe in

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1. I believe in God and in the power of prayer.
2. I believe in true love and in the power of it.
3. I believe love is not something to be scared of.
4. I believe in miracles.
5. I believe in good manners.
6. I believe in kindness.
7. I believe in respect.
8. I believe friday nights are the best.
9. I believe if you have a goal, you can achieve it.
10. I believe in taking chances.
11. I believe in family and real friendships.
12. I believe there is still good in the world.
13. I believe in pizza and Diet Coke.
14. I believe faith has to be greater than your doubts.
15. I believe in freedom.
16. I believe in a good cry.
17. I believe overthinking can ruin our peace of mind.
18. I believe in intuition.
19. I believe people don't change, they reveal who they really are.

20. I believe in the magic of Christmas.
21. I believe in racial equality.
22. I believe in gender equality.
23. I believe in learning to forgive yourself.
24. I believe without ambition we are nothing.
25. I believe in the healing power of chocolate.
26. I believe in second chances.
27. I believe what you feel, you attract.
28. I believe hard work is rewarding.
29. I believe in the power of cuddling.
30. I believe in saying "I love you" as often as possible.
31. I believe a walk on the beach heals all the wounds.
32. I believe fear is a liar.
33. I believe we should try something that scares us.
34. I believe listening is more important than talking.
35. I believe experiences matter more than material things.
36. I believe in jeans and sneakers, because I can't identify myself with high heels and dresses.
37. I believe it's important to have someone to remind us who we are when we have lost our way.
38. I believe I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel.
39. I believe in treating people the way you want to be treated.
40. I believe french fries are heaven sent.

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In multe dintre ele cred si eu!
Stai sa vezi lista mea roz! :)))

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Ia sa o vad. Vin la tine in vizita acum! :)

Lavinia Dance
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Sa continui sa crezi...